.. the moonflower shade ..

The way a moonflower shies from the sun
So I shied from you
Turning my face away,
Placing myself in shadow
So that your light would not penetrate me.
In shadow I remain, until the night arrives
When I look to the sky,
Reaching for the moon and
The only light I can grasp to,
Wanting to scream into the torturous quiet.


little branch moonflower shade 051818


The moonflower shade is a lovely plant. In our real life, the plant can grow up to 90 feet as a vine. The beautiful flowers only bloom at night… thus the name “moonflower”.  In cooler climates, it is an annual and must be planted by seed each year. In tropical and sub-tropical climates, it can grow in a more wild fashion.

If ever you are looking for a beautiful flower to grace your garden in the evenings and nights, choose the moonflower. The gorgeous blossoms only appear in the late afternoon/evening and will disappear as the sun rises the following morning. The bloom actually dies and is replaced the following evening by yet another. The flowers have a gentle fragrance that provides a sweetness to the evening and night air.

The large blossoms and their fragrance attracts night-flying insects such as moths which in turn pollinate. Imagine your garden at night… a moth hovering over a moonflower shade blossom gathering the pollen… a delight to our senses.  The moonflower beckons us to visit our gardens at night, to think of the creatures that visit, and possibly even encourages us to believe that fairies do exist.

Moonflowershade 1

Just a little general information about the Moonflower Shade (shared from Den Garden)

  • the scientific name is Ipomoea alba
  • the family for the Moonflower Shade is Convolvulaceae (convolvulas)
  • it is native to tropical and subtropical parts of South and Central America as well as Florida
  • the size is generally 15 to 90 feet
  • the flowers can be 6 inches across in the native climate
  • blooms only in the evening and night with blossoms dying as soon as the sun hits the petals

The Little Branch has recreated this beautiful Moonflower Shade in Second Life and it is currently available at the May round of The Liaison Collaborative event through May 26th. The Little Branch has created this plant as a four-trunked version. It is lightly animated and an option for blossoms in white, lavender, pink, blue, and yellow.


LB_MoonFlowerShade{Animated} @ (currently at The Liaison Collaborative)


Cliff Pointe, my current beach home on Ash Falls, a lovely residence designed by Leaf Peyton and Julz Rainfall of dirty.pretty



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