Stealing Beauty…(Week of Movies, Day 3)

Day three of the Week of Movies theme for our Week of Pictures Flickr group…  I am posting today’s photo late because I was struggling with some parts of it, but I think I’m happy now.  This movie, “Stealing Beauty“, was released in 1996 and stars Liv Tyler as Lucy, a girl sent to Italy after her mom commits suicide.  She is on a quest to find herself, and the scene that I chose to capture was as she was in the tub writing… The poem “I wait, I wait, so patiently.  I’m quiet as a cup.  I hope you will come and rattle me.  Quick!  Come wake me up.” says it all.

Putting the photo together presented some challenges… I had the slipper tub from Alchemy’s Attic, but needed to find a pose depicting the pose.  Well I found the table writing animation from Sylva’s Animation Factory and then using Animare Pose HUD, I was able to fit into the tub somewhat naturally.  I wanted hair that looked somewhat combed back and wet…and found that at Boon due to suggestions on Plurk.  I created the writing plank and note along with the floor.  Snapped up some photos and then off to Photoshop.   Here I added the pen and the background textures.  The wall and view from the window are from the Flickr stream of JoesSistah (who has so many awesome textures).  After some additional layering and editing,  I’m fairly happy with how this one came out.  So without further ado… I present the photo for day three, inspired by the movie “Stealing Beauty”:

Until next we meet…


Life is a Cabaret! (Week of Movies, Day Two)

Today, my submission for the Week of Pictures group in Flickr is based upon the movie “Cabaret” which was released in 1972.  This movie won multiple Academy awards and became iconic in many ways.  It lifted the star, Liza Minelli, to the forefront and she too became somewhat of an icon.  Amazing as we look back today to those that were the stars of the past, so many have had troubled lives and surprisingly, this seems to never change with the times.

Recently I was in Glam Affair and found an outfit I liked, and when I tried it on… I realized that it would work as my interpretation of “Cabaret”.  I then had to find hair, and off I went to search finding a suitable version at L’Emporio Di Bru.  The fun part is that this hair comes with the hat and the creator includes the hat alone too!  My stockings are from LaVie, and the shoes are from LeLutka.  As this is my interpretation, I stuck with a freckled skin from Curio and kept the hair in red!

Now… to find a suitable stage in Second Life!  I could have built a stage or bought a set, but I really wanted to go for a location site.  I went to quite a few sites advertised as burlesque or cabaret clubs.  Most did not work…either too modern, too bare, too primitive or just not right.  I finally found Ellie’s Burlesque Club and thought…red curtain, lit stage…yes, this was suitable.  Once there, I flew through poses and found a great one from a burlesque set from Just A Pose.  Then it was snap, snap, snap!   Back to Photoshop and some editing to enhance the photo and give it some depth… and WHEW…. day two’s submission for Week of Movies was done.  I present my interpretation of “Cabaret” here….

“Start by admitting, From cradle to tomb
It isn’t that a long a stay.
Life is a Cabaret, old chum,
It’s only a Cabaret, old chum
And I love a Cabaret.”

Off to the movies…  catch you soon!


  • Outfit:   Casablanca by Glam Affair
  • Hair/Hat:  Minny in Red by L’Emporio Di  Bru
  • Shoes:  Saffron Pumps in Black by LeLutka
  • Stockings/Garter:  Arccidia in Black by LaVie
  • Skin:  Lustre Petal Frex (Dark) in Luxe 2 by Curio
  • Lashes:  NoAlpha NO6 by Miamai
  • Eyes:  Nature in Green Heat by MADesigns
  • Location:  Ellie’s Burlesque Club on the Viva La Glam sim
  • Pose:  Sketchy’s Burlesque Satin Gloves by Just A Pose

A Week of Movies! (Day One)

Well, as I mentioned in a prior post, I’m in this FLICKR group called “A Week of Pictures“.  Each month, a theme is decided upon and the members all post photos for either a week or a weekend.  The theme for May is MOVIES and the group is posting their entries starting today.  Now, movies are not really my thing as I rarely see one, but I’d expect that the rest of the group will post amazing photos.  They are all very creative and capable so it is a joy to see what any one of them comes up with.

I thought I’d share my submissions here with you starting today.  My Day One photo was fun to put together.  I have had an EVE avatar from the movie “Wall.E” for ages and pull her out now and then for a zip around.  I thought … oh I can do a photo about that movie, but…I need a Wall.E too!  So off I went to search and found one that my alt, Soleil, could use.  My original intent was to do photos of the two characters in world, but I realized that the scale of the avatars was off, so I had to separate them.  So off Eve went to find a crumbling, destroyed city… yeah, that wasn’t easy but I found a backdrop on a role-play sim and then added some effects.  Then for Wall.E, it was off to New York for a city scene for him as well.  Both of these are my takes on scenes from the movie.  Then I put the two of them together for my simple version of another scene… It was definitely fun, and challenged me at the same time!

Now… what will be my next movie to re-create in some way?!?