Stealing Beauty…(Week of Movies, Day 3)

Day three of the Week of Movies theme for our Week of Pictures Flickr group…  I am posting today’s photo late because I was struggling with some parts of it, but I think I’m happy now.  This movie, “Stealing Beauty“, was released in 1996 and stars Liv Tyler as Lucy, a girl sent to Italy after her mom commits suicide.  She is on a quest to find herself, and the scene that I chose to capture was as she was in the tub writing… The poem “I wait, I wait, so patiently.  I’m quiet as a cup.  I hope you will come and rattle me.  Quick!  Come wake me up.” says it all.

Putting the photo together presented some challenges… I had the slipper tub from Alchemy’s Attic, but needed to find a pose depicting the pose.  Well I found the table writing animation from Sylva’s Animation Factory and then using Animare Pose HUD, I was able to fit into the tub somewhat naturally.  I wanted hair that looked somewhat combed back and wet…and found that at Boon due to suggestions on Plurk.  I created the writing plank and note along with the floor.  Snapped up some photos and then off to Photoshop.   Here I added the pen and the background textures.  The wall and view from the window are from the Flickr stream of JoesSistah (who has so many awesome textures).  After some additional layering and editing,  I’m fairly happy with how this one came out.  So without further ado… I present the photo for day three, inspired by the movie “Stealing Beauty”:

Until next we meet…


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