A Week of Movies! (Day One)

Well, as I mentioned in a prior post, I’m in this FLICKR group called “A Week of Pictures“.  Each month, a theme is decided upon and the members all post photos for either a week or a weekend.  The theme for May is MOVIES and the group is posting their entries starting today.  Now, movies are not really my thing as I rarely see one, but I’d expect that the rest of the group will post amazing photos.  They are all very creative and capable so it is a joy to see what any one of them comes up with.

I thought I’d share my submissions here with you starting today.  My Day One photo was fun to put together.  I have had an EVE avatar from the movie “Wall.E” for ages and pull her out now and then for a zip around.  I thought … oh I can do a photo about that movie, but…I need a Wall.E too!  So off I went to search and found one that my alt, Soleil, could use.  My original intent was to do photos of the two characters in world, but I realized that the scale of the avatars was off, so I had to separate them.  So off Eve went to find a crumbling, destroyed city… yeah, that wasn’t easy but I found a backdrop on a role-play sim and then added some effects.  Then for Wall.E, it was off to New York for a city scene for him as well.  Both of these are my takes on scenes from the movie.  Then I put the two of them together for my simple version of another scene… It was definitely fun, and challenged me at the same time!

Now… what will be my next movie to re-create in some way?!?


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