Winter is upon us… (in the Northern Hemisphere, anyway)


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Well, thought I’d pop in for a quick word. Christmas is past and we are about to start a brand new year. Can you believe how quickly 2009 passed us by? Time in Second Life passes rather quickly anyway. Everything always seems at warped speed. Most of us joke that a month in Second Life is more akin to a year in real life. Perhaps it just feels that way with relationships? 

Earlier in December, Jac celebrated his 2nd Rez Day. He had commented several times over the past months that he wanted to “do” a Winter Parcel or Sim, but he would always talk himself out of it. Well, I thought to myself… hmmm … good opportunity for a surprise! I rented a homestead, worked on the terraforming, buying the winter trees and bushes and cabin, and set about laying it out in time for his Rez Day. I even put in a figure 8 pond for ice skating and added couples and singles animations to slide along the ice! He was thoroughly surprised! I had hidden it so well, ensuring that if he was online, he would not have a clue! 😉 I honestly think his bigger surprise was the fact that I had done it all myself!!! (he never realized I could actually terraform) 

Once the surprise was revealed, he influenced some changes… added furniture, a spa house and provided snowmobiles! We have really enjoyed our winter spot, and I am reluctant to let it go… I’ll have to make that decision when tier is due next week… but it is such a pretty place for photos and for relaxing in a different atmosphere! 

This photo is one of those taken at our winter sim (affectionately called “Morning Sun in Winter”). Watch here or my flickr stream for a few more over the next few days… 🙂 

To all… have a safe and happy New Year’s Eve celebration! 

Outfit – Whonose 

Hair – Truth 

Skin – Curio  

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