~~It’s 2010!~~

Well, we moved into 2010 and for me it happened very quietly (both RL and SL).  This is not always a bad thing as it give us all time to reflect.  We reflect on what is important to us, remember the good and maybe the not-so-good times, and hopefully look forward to the new year with plans for fun, happiness, and all things good!

We are making changes again on our little estate.  Our beautiful sim, Sol Escondido, had been set up for cabaña rentals but we weren’t seeing that much traffic from interested avatars.  At the same time, we had a few that were very interested in living here but on larger parcels, and perhaps in their own homes.  Well because we had a few renters that we didn’t want to displace…Jac got to work on building a small island out on Playa Sol Mañanero to accomodate.  WOW!  The result is awesome!  While I had some input and was asked for my opinion, he truly created a beautiful spot for 3 cabañas.  I find the spots even more lovely than the beauty he had created on Sol Escondido – each offers such privacy and an awesome view of their own private waterfall.  The source of the waterfalls is a spring at the highpoint that also provides a ‘sweet’ place for relaxation.  Our renters seem happy and, well, isn’t what is all about?

Sol Escondido will be recreated into three island parcels.  In this case, I think that Jac has a good idea of what he plans to shape here based upon some conversations he has had with potential residents AND just his good sense of what will work!  He will terraform and fully landscape to offer views, privacy and beauty to each parcel.  I look forward to watching the transformation and being there to give support as needed throughout!

We still have the Teahupoo wave up and running on Sol Mañanero Surf!  It is truly a fun wave, advancing forward and across the water as it crashes towards the beach.  This wave was created by Leogarto Burt, the owner/CEO and mastermind behind HP (High Performance) Designs.  It is a sculpty wave with spray and froth that is powered by a script that is different from the others now out on the market.  The fact that the wave travels across offers a different experience for the SL surfer.  The tube can totally encase the rider for the full tunnel effect.  While the particle spray adds a degree of realism for the surfer, it also adds to the visual attraction.  This visual provides a calm for some of those that visit our beach.  The wave also behaves well on a homestead sim, allowing the stats to remain optimum for surfing and just hanging on the sim at the same time.  Why not stop by and check out this awesome wave… be sure to say hi if you do!

So for now, I’ll close… next time I’ll share the new layout of Sol Escondido and let you know just what we might be up to next!

’til then…


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