…Sprinting across the sand, burn off my feet
Hit the surf running and don’t miss a beat
Take my place bobbing, out in the swell
Turn and spin and paddle like hell

Feel the wave grabbing and jump to my feet
A bottom carve turn like I’ve never seen
Six quick snaps and a floater inside
kick out the back, a nice f’ing ride

But that’s Okay, That’s okay another day on it’s way
It’s a beautiful day (yeah)
It’s a beautiful day…(“Surf Song” by Bag of Toys)

Yes…  we love changes!   And the newest one at Sol Mañanero Surf is on the surf sim.  The Joaquina wave has rezzed!  The latest creation by HP Designs was recently available and as soon as Jac heard about it, it was off to Crab Island where the HP team creates, tests, and enjoys!  We found the new wave to be visually pleasing and such a smoooth ride!  So… yep… we have added another wave to Jac’s inventory and we are one of the first sims to offer the Joaquina to the Second Life Surfing crowd!

When you buy a new type of wave, you get it home and then rezz it for the first time to see just how it works…and then you realize, you might just have to make some changes.  Our friend and the mastermind behind HP, Leogarto Burt, came over to assist and after much deliberation on what would work best (even went so far to have a double wave firing off), we found that our beautiful pier was, well, yep, just was in the way!  Soooo… Jac asked me to remove it, and with the awareness that in SL, all can be re-built, I took up each piece and our beach front/shorebreak changed once again.

After much work with terraforming the floor of the ocean and placement of rocks and objects, the Joaquina was firing beautifully and we had surfers ripping across the wave soon after!  This wave is indeed a beauty.  The color, the texture, the particles, the curl… all in all, it crashes towards the beach allowing for great shredding opportunities!

So now… our pier is gone and the beach front has been reworked, the break looks awesome!  The placement of splashing rocks and the corrective work on the water effects keep the beach of Sol Mañanero Surf looking as beautiful as ever.   🙂

’til next time…


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