The New Sol Escondido!

As mentioned in my last post, we are making changes to our little estate.  Sol Escondido had first been set up as a cabana rental community offering a private, natural environment for each unit.  As there was not enough interest for the smaller size rentals, but some interest from visitors to live on a sim that was terraformed/landscaped similarly with such beauty, we decided to re-create the sim.  With two confirmed residents already each requesting 1/3 of the sim, Jac decided he would offer 3 total parcels so that each would have 1000-1200 prim each.  The first two residents are close friends and wanted their SL home to be together, but separate with the ability to just “walk on over” so these two parcels are on a single larger ‘island’.   This island has three waterfalls with the largest separating the two parcels with a water way emptying into the ocean.  Jac provided a bridge so that the friends would not have to wade through the water to visit!

Waterfalls are integral with our estate and Sol Escondido is no exception!  The larger island has three waterfalls all fed from an elevated spring-fed pool.  This placement of falls and pools is becoming quite the trademark for Jac, offering our residents a lovely place to while away the hours alone or with friends.  Our current residents in both areas love this feature so I hope that we can continue to offer similar spots for all!

The third parcel on Sol Escondido exists on its own private island, terraformed and landscaped beautifully… again with multiple waterfalls spilling into the ocean or coves emptying into the ocean.  This sweet island will provide an awesome home site with water access, great views, lots of privacy and wonderful neighbours.  I truly doubt it will be available for very long… If you are interested in finding out more, please contact me in world!

The entire estate is always changing, always beautiful, always relaxing… and welcoming 🙂   So… if you need a respite from the everyday SL world and you want to relax on the beach or surf along the waves, come by and see us soon…

Until next time… enjoy life!


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