~~Bid Me Bald~~


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Bald…to be or not to be, that is the question! 

In Second Life, it is easy for us to go without hair, but… those of us who LOVE hair and change it up daily might have a little harder time losing the hair! Well… our team, Eternal Beacon, is planning multiple events that will have our friends Bidding to Make Us Bald! My event is scheduled for Sunday, March 21st. For every 5000L paid into my RFL of SL vendor, I will have to be BALD for a calendar day in Second Life. Well, I proposed that we have a vendor set up to help keep hair on my head…as well. Soooo we will have competing bidding – those that want me bald and those that want me to keep my hair!!! All in all, it will be funny and I plan to be bald for a few days… more people want to laugh at my bald head, I’m sure, soooo unless others match the bids, I’ll be a domehead for sure! Never fear, in Second Life, we can have a nicely shaped head too!!! 

Bid Me Bald! 

Brought to you by Eternal Beacon 

Join us for sun, surf and dancing on the beautiful beaches of Sol Mañanero Surf. 

Sunshine Zhangsun (co-owner of Sol)  is going to go bald 1 day for every 5,000L donated to her vendor….or is she? 

There might some willing to donate in order for her to keep her hair (Jac doesn’t like me bald!), so we are setting up two vendors for Sunny. 

Every 5,000L in one will add a day to my baldness
Every 5,000L in the other will subtract a day from my baldness

So either way, the American Cancer Society wins. 

Party starts at 5pm slt, Sunday March 21st
DJ Dione will be providing the music
So bring your board shorts and some big bucks! Surf’s Up!

Hope you will stop by and help us raise funds for this awesome charity!!  And yes, you can also laugh at me as I freak out over every day I have to be bald in SL!!! 

texture created by Brianna Vollmar 

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