~ Wave Crashing upon a New Sim! ~

The Waves of a Virtual Life

To live a Second Life, you must willing to discover,

what you find might surprise you;

 all the fun and activities that are covered


Beauty, art and activities abound…

it might simply be the creativity, the role play or the craze

but to find your niche, you have to take a look around.


One such discovery could be,

the spray, the foam, the waves…

All that has been created for the virtual Sea


The surf waves, scripted beauties that can provide something new

to those that are landlocked; the chance to ride upon a surfboard

the opportunity taken by so few


Take a ride upon a wave,

learn to control the board like a pro

listen to all on the beaches as they might rave!


The oceans of Second Life are fun

with the willingness to try something new

across the waves you will run


Teleport to a beach when you are bored

or when you need solace or space

paddle out to the wave, to the crashing and the roar


Rip along the waves, feel the virtual air

As you learn your new moves…

you will feel as if you are flying without a care.

by Sunshine Zhangsun

There is a new beach on the grid…one offering a great surfing experience.  Renn Luik, the creator of The Mother Road, has developed a life-like beach experience on Wing Princess for Mahina Kohime.  The beach is natural and open with the required amenities…shower, shelter and sand…just what is needed for a long day of shredding the waves.  This surf sim is on a full prim sim and is performing very well so far.  The HP Surf Teahupoo wave rolls in with a crash fading out into SSi Fluffies… the set up is beautiful.  The tidal pools are a great realistic touch and the protected floating pool is a nice place to hang out to watch the surfers.

Check out this sim soon…if you don’t have a board (yet), there are loaners there… but believe me, once you try, you’ll want your own board for sure!  And right there on the beach, you can pick up an SSi scripted board with Analog Jun‘s graphic design!

Grab a friend or go alone…it is an experience to be enjoyed…shred across the wave, and feel the virtual air… enjoy !

’til then…


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