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Sometimes we have days that are stormy, don’t you think? Not just weather, but ourselves. We experience responses of thunder and prickly interactions mimicking lightning. People are represented in the thunder, the lightning, the hail and the wind – the unpredictability of the storm.

There are days where our thoughts are cloudy, and we struggle with the winds that push us in so many directions. We run from the lightning and close our ears to the thunder. Tears roll down our cheeks like rain due to sadness, anger, pain, memories, want, and yes, even happiness.

I am one who believes that rain is cleansing… and in kind, that tears can be as well. You probably are thinking… huh? You say “Tears cause vision to blur”. Of course, there can always be a haze or a fog… these can prevent us from reaching the clearest view at times. In my opinion though, once the rain dries and the clouds clear…I think we have the ability to see with more clarity…when we are ready.

Yes, this post is disjointed…it makes no sense…the photo made me think and want to push the words onto the screen. I am human, I am not perfect, I make mistakes, I actually can lose patience, I hurt, I cry, I need, I want… I give, I smile, I care, I love, I laugh (my ass off often), and I am me…

Thank you for indulging me, for inspiring me to put words to blog, to share and reveal…


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