I’m Three!

Looking Back...Charging Forward

In Second Life, we celebrate the years as they pass with a Rezz Day.  My 3rd Rezz Day in SL is today, September 27th, 2010.  I’ve never actually had a party or celebrated grandly on my Rezz Day as some others do.  It always coincided with another friend’s real life birthday, and to me that was more cause for celebration.  Perhaps as we are in “world” longer, the significance of the year passing lessens…though in some ways, I do not think so.  We might feel silly when our feelings are a little hurt because only one or even none remembered to send a greeting acknowledging this anniversary.  I’ve had the day off from work and my avatar has been in SL most all day.  Funny part is that I’ve not talked to anyone, even funnier might be that this really hasn’t bothered me.  The solitude that I can find in SL often is welcome.  It allows me to explore, to find places to take photos, to go AFK without worry, and even to dress myself up for photos…

November 2007 - First Avi Appearance

Over the past three years, I’ve seen a few things change in SL… the content creators continue to amaze me.  The tools have improved, things look more realistic – less flat.  Our virtual world offers more visual depth in many ways.  The skins are so much more rich.  The hair textures have improved greatly.  The clothes with so much more shape/design and texture.  The animations are more and more motion captured which offer more realism as well.  The flora and fauna come more and more to life within this virtual space.  The water effects, the waves, the waterfalls…all provide visual pleasure.  The sports and activities – surfing, football, sim boarding, kayaking, boating, sailing, driving, flying, golfing, etc – all offer more and more options.  The creators continue to build, script, texture, create environments, design clothing, grow flowers, breed animals, etc… all in an effort to appeal to residents of Second Life.

Goth Me in late 2007 (Alternative Look)

All in all… why do we come to Second Life?  There are many reasons and each of us has our own.  Some come to build and create.  Others come to roleplay and are very passionate about that.  Still others come to explore, learn, and share.  And many of us come in to socialize, to play, to enjoy the company of others, etc.  And then there are those that log in to do it all.

Sunshine at Sunset - 1st year in SL

My three years in Second Life have provided a bit of all kinds of things.  My first year was one of trying to figure it out, meeting great people and getting involved with Relay for Life in Second Life.  I worked as a host for clubs and an event company.  Relay for Life even brought a change in my living experience as I bought a huge home built by Patch Thibaud in an auction and still use this home today.  As I moved into my 2nd year, I started working for Costa Rica Sims Estate…meeting more and more people – some great, and of course, some not so great.  Planning and working some great events and helping photograph these and write about them too.  Nearly halfway into my second year, I found myself in a relationship with someone special which turned into a partnership … one that is now nearly 18 months strong.  That person, Jac, became my partner, my best friend, my buddy, and someone that I could share my second life with more fully.  He introduced me to surfing in SL, to creating environments, and shared his love of music and fun with me.  We moved from Costa Rica Sims Estate and bought our own full sim along with a homestead to ensure we could surf –  Sol Mañanero was born!   The remainder of the 2nd year included Relay for Life, Surfing, Dancing, and building our sims…most of which continued.  Spending time with friends, getting to know new ones, parting with a few, seeing a few return… all part of the life I have here.

September 2008


September 2009

In this third I have been further blessed with happy moments.  Surfed in my first competitions.   Built more.  Created more.  Learned more with Photoshop and won my first photo contest.  Jac and I celebrated our 1st anniversary of partnership in April.  Did more with Relay for Life.  Held parties, sponsored parties and took part in several events.  Made more friends… and have been truly blessed with some amazing new friends.  Experienced my first gallery showing of my photos from Second Life and actually selling some… amazing!  Continued to be active in Flickr, rejoined Plurk; spent time with friends dancing, talking, playing, being silly, running around, shopping, creating, etc…


September 2010

Second Life is still fun for me, it is a way for me to socialize with all sorts of people from all over.  To share their happiness, support when they have needs, to laugh together and to create together.  Yes, I do get bored and lonely sometimes in SL; but when I do, I just try something new…explore a new place or get up and walk away.   To my friends – a very heartfelt huge thank you for making my Second Life special – from my partner, Jac, to my oldest friends to my newest… Thank you for being there, for making me laugh, for lifting me up when I’m a bit down, for helping me realize that I am blessed in so many ways – real life and second life.  Thank you for helping me stay young at heart and also for putting the stress of my work behind me…


Happy Rezz Day to Me!!!

So…happy rezz day to me.  I look forward to my fourth year.  I hope to be a better blogger, take more photos, maybe show at other galleries and set up my own, learn how to create something, deepen my friendships, make new ones, explore, and continue to be charitable via Relay for Life and other organizations as I can. And for those that indulge me here, in my blog… thank you too!

~Sunshine…on her 3rd Rezz Day in Second Life


Current Photos Only:

Hair – Fri.- Raina in Jealous Red

Eyes – MADesigns – Nature in Green Heat

Dress – So Many Styles – Blooming for DU4

Shoes – Glow – Narcissus in Silver for DU4

Earrings – SANU – Pearlescence Pink/gold Earring

Skin – Curio – Sunny in Acorn Frex

Taken on Brackish and Zweet Zurroundingz

2 thoughts on “I’m Three!

  1. This a beautiful article. I love it, an ode to self. We often times forget about ourselves en voyage to satisfy the needs of others. I think birthdays…especially when adults, is the day to celebrate ourselves, whether in solitude or amongst friends. Congrats on three years in SL!!!


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