Vacations Rock!

Shenandoah National Park November 2009

Funny… usually going to visit family in Florida is just that…going to visit family.  Today, however, I was quite amazed how happy I was once on the plane and in route.  Maybe it was because I was in Business Class and got free drinks (bloody mary! Hoo!) or maybe it was the FREE in-flight WI-FI or could it have been the nice wider seat with NO ONE next to me anyway?!?  All I can say is that maybe I just really needed to get away from my house, from my daily mess and to hopefully force separation from my work.  Perhaps it is all of it combined, but no matter… I am happy to be in plane…flying through beautifully smooth skies (shhh… hopefully that will hold out).

I will be in Florida with my mom and her husband for a week.  It should be good to see them.  Last trip was for Mother’s Day back in May.  Since I can’t go home for Christmas for the second year in a row, I appeased my mom with a Thanksgiving visit.  My brothers will also come to her house  for the holiday as well.  So I’d say my mom is probably close to cloud nine.  She rarely gets us all together, last time was for her wedding in September 2009.  Yeah that was an odd reason for us  LOL.

My vacation will really be lame compared to the standards of most and at times, I’ll wish I had not agreed to this.  But all in all, it should be nice.  Maybe a little golf, maybe good weather for nice walks, dinners out and in and then there is the food fest of Thanksgiving.  Yeah, I’ll log in to SL at night when all are sleeping…so it is not a full-out no access holiday, but I am hoping that my plan for no work holds out!  I really don’t want to HAVE to log in any way.

So… in case I don’t get another post in here… Have a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the family, the food, the sports and all that goes with your day.  Find and express the things you are thankful for… it can be refreshing to realize just what those things are!

Take care…


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