Exploring – Innsmouth

One night, before Halloween, we were bouncing around to sims that were listed with Halloween events or in the Haunted section of the “Showcase” in Second Life when we happened upon “Innsmouth“.  I found this sim, created by Darmin Darkes and BaileyMarie Princess for Joyous Parkin, to be very well built indeed.

Though Halloween has past and many would not venture to such a sim in the “off season”, you should make an exception and visit.  I went back right after Halloween so that I could explore Innsmouth fully, entering the buildings, experiencing the feeling of an abandoned coastal town.  My visit to this eerie town provided great opportunity for photos as well as a view of a wonderfully creative sim.

Upon entry into the landing point, be sure to grab the note card which provides a little of the origination of the sim …  Innsmouth was created with the stories of an American author, H.P. Lovecraft, in mind.  The locations described by Lovecraft in The Shadow over Innsmouth” and “The Colour Out of Space” were the inspiration.  The town is basically an abandoned coastal town in Massachusetts set in the 1930’s.  Before venturing through the teleportation door, be sure to change your environment settings as indicated in the note card.  The suggestions (“Gelatto”,  “[EUPHORIA] fin de siecle” or “[TOR] HORROR – Dawnbreaker”) each give their own experience, so try these out while there…and any other favorite Windlight settings you might like!

As you explore, be sure to listen to the sounds…the squeaky doors, the steps across the wooden floors, the wind, the sounds of the rain… it all adds to the experience.  Wear a raincoat or take an umbrella… it is rather rainy and wet in Innsmouth… along with the fog rolling in… all heightening the effect of the coastal location.  Wander in and out of the buildings, visit the theater and opera houses… the church and homes… feel the presence of the citizens that seemingly mysteriously departed…  and enjoy yet another wondrously creative build in Second Life.


All photos taken in Innsmouth
Skin:  Ava – Pale – Halloween 2010 from LeLutka Femme (Halloween gift)
Coat and Pants: Matusalen  from LeLutka Homme (Halloween gift)
Shoes:  Safron Pumps in Black from LeLutka Femme (Halloween gift)
Hat:  Fur Hat from LeLutka Homme (Halloween gift)
Hair:  Seth by LeLutka in CoalMine (Gift from Earlier 2010)
Necklace: Morte by Sentou Yousei  (Halloween 2009 Ghost Hunt)
Earrings: Annah Hoops by Exodi
Eyes:  MadDesigns “Nature” – Green Heat

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