Mysterious Wave

Creativity in Second Life abounds throughout the grid.  Whether you enjoy photos, sculptures, interpretive art, sim design, etc…you can find it.  I came upon a place by happenstance the other day called Mysterious Wave.  The sim is dedicated to creativity… it is a minimalist design built to showcase sculptures and artistic interpretations.  The sim features the sculptures and interactive art pieces by Anley Piers, Cherry Manga & Elfe Imako, the creators of the sim.  Along with artistic displays, the sim owners also host musical concerts at times as well.

Currently the sim is also featuring a show by Lalie Sorbet.  This show, ‘Invisible World’, features Lalie’s macrophotographic captures from the real world and will be on display on “Mysterious Wave” until February 15th.

Take some time to visit Mysterious Wave soon.  You can easily spend an hour or more experiencing the amazing pieces on display, and then head up to the shops to see what is available there as well.  Join the group and you’ll know when there is a new event or a change in exhibit.  Support the arts in Second Life…the availability to enjoy is so much more wide-reaching in this virtual place.

’til next time…enjoy the beauty in the world!


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