Sculpty Creations Arctic Challenge!

The Sculpty Creations Arctic Challenge SLSA Surf Competition Series will kick off this Saturday, February 19th at 11am SLT. The Series consists of two competitions – the Open (open to all) and the Pro (for the top 20 surfers and those that advance).

The Arctic Challenge will be the first of its kind…surfing in cold, icy waters with the added challenge of whales and ice bergs. It will be fun to see the surfers braving the elements…I hope they dress warmly enough?

The surf competitions are fun events! Lots of chatter, music, dancing, and the excitement of the surfers on the wave. DJ Dan will be spinning for these events and he LOVES to take requests, so the music can always be varied.

This Series is sponsored by Sculpty Creations Wildlife. Sculpty Creations by Jon Haskel provides Second Life residents with over 300 species of wild and farm animals including birds, fish, and mammals. Many of these are animated and are so very lifelike. We always use Jon’s animals on our sims as they provide a very life-like experience. If you are in the market for some furry or scaly additions to your home (and even if you aren’t), you should definitely head to Sculpty Creations on Extrem Island!

All are welcome to come out and support the surfers for the events, so make plans to come to our Winter SOLstice sims on the 19th and/or 26th of February at 11am SLT!   The Spectator Stands will be open for the events and that will be the only entry point during the competition.  If you would just like to visit any other time, come to our Arctic Surf sim and explore from there.


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