Showcase’d in Second Life – A New Series

In Second Life, there is a “search” button that is truly the new resident’s best friend and the experienced resident will often depend on this option heavily too!  There are many reasons one might open up the search option in their favorite viewer … to search for people, places, things, events, jobs, items for sale, groups, etc.  One area that I review often within the Search function, is the “Showcase”.  This tool provides places that have been submitted to or found by Linden Lab employees for inclusion and are considered really cool places to visit.  There is an option to review the full list or by category.  There are many categories ranging from Beaches to RolePlay to Educational to Nature and Gardens, etc.

The Showcase Search is the in-world version of the Second Life Destination Guide which can be found on the resident account dashboard…

Since I really enjoy finding interesting places in Second Life and I’ve posted several Showcase locations, I decided that I’d start sharing them with you on a more regular basis.  Sooo…  watch out for my series of “Showcase’d in Second Life”, starting in the next few days!


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