Alabama Tornado Disaster Relief Event

Brutus Martinek, an awesome creator in Second Life (owner of Pididdle) sent out a notice a few weeks ago asking for help with a fundraiser she wanted to hold benefiting the Red Cross targeted for the victims of the Tornadoes that swept across Alabama in April. Brutus was suggesting fundraising in the form of an SL yard sale and sales by creators. Because I have RL connections to the areas that were most damaged, I wanted to help out and be involved. I knew that I could find items in my mess of an inventory, so that was one way, but I also wanted to offer something new for sale too. Now, I have never taken part in such an event as a “creator” but thought, what the heck, someone might buy one of my pieces for their SL home and that would benefit this great cause! So…I created four pieces and these are now available along with many other GREAT things at The Alabama Tornado Relief Fundraiser will begins today, May 18th, 2pm slt.

100% of proceeds will go to the mid-Alabama Red Cross Chapter. Receipts will be made public.

Along with content creators donating their items, there will also be a yard sale area, southern style too!

The stores involved include:
Shades of October
Gnarlic Plimpton
*deviant girls*
[ Lucky #7 ]
Petal’s Place
* RezIpsa Loc *
La Blaq
A.D.D. Andel!
Sol Existence Gallery
GiGi’s Attic
Boutique Giada
Aphotic Gloom
Slash Me Poses

Take a moment and stop by the Travis sim…you never know what treasures you might find and at the same time, you will be supporting the Red Cross in their efforts to help the victims of this horrible act of nature.

Thank you ❤

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