Pandemonium @ Legion

Today, I found another jewel of a sim via the Showcase Search feature in Second Life.  Under the “Haunted” section, the first listing is Pandenomium @ Legion.  The description for the listing was intriguing enough to entice me to visit.  Showcase describes this location with this statement: “A cold chill whispers through the decrepit huts and sinister formations of this island, lonely paths leading deeper into the forest for those who dare”. 

I hit the teleport button and I was transported, soon finding my avatar rezzing within a creepy world… the description is very accurate.  I accepted the windlight change via my Phoenix viewer and the environment surrounding me became even more mysterious.

As I walked along the path and found the abandoned huts, I realized that there were eyes watching me as well.  A robotic eyeball fluttered about as another larger robot with a huge eye just turned and surveyed the land.   As you walk through the sim, you can imagine  a breeze wrapping around you yet you’d wonder if it were only a breeze.  The sounds will draw you in further as you moved into the dark forested land… what might you find around the corner?

Pandemonium @ Legion was built with wonderful detail by P4NDOR4 Quintessa.  I’d recommend visiting…and immersing yourself into the darkness of this awesome build.

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