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temples 1

A friend dropped a landmark on me the other night so I decided to check it out.  The landmark indicated it was an exhibit at The Guild of “Lys Noir”.  When I arrived, I landed in a reception area and found the entry to an exhibit of fractals by Gem Priez in cooperation with LS Inc and “The GLN.  In the reception area, the explanation of the exhibit is shown on the walls ..  it is all about the temples of man.  The curator and exhibition builder, Lady Lys, graciously greeted me and ensured that I knew how to proceed through the build…”Follow the blue line”.  As you proceed through the build, you follow the blue line so that the entries between the exhibition rooms will open.

temples 2

temples 3

temples 5

As you proceed from one area to the next, you are greeted with a huge display of the wonderful fractal art by Gem Priez depicting interpretations of the temples of man.  The colors are so vivid and the blasts of lighting within the fractal really show well in this setting.  Lady Lys has built a perfect setting to show these awesome pieces of art. All of the art is available for purchase as you walk through or at the end in final room where you can also easily leave a comment in one of the guest book kiosks.

temples 4

The exhibit is scheduled until February 28th, so please check it out and support a Second Life artist and creator.


p.s. Thank you to Michiel Bechir for passing the landmark!  🙂

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