.. it’s a bug, it’s a plane, it’s a pose shop ..

Bug 3

I recently saw a post by a Flickr contact that showed this very cool contraption in Second Life and luckily, they included the SLURL.  I headed over to check it out and snap a couple of pics.  What I found when I landed within what appeared to be a mine shaft was the contraption framed in the distance.  I headed out to check it out and grab the pics.  It is really a cool creation.. .the wings nearly glisten in certain light.

but 2

Bug 1

I decided I should see what was through the door that was behind me in the mine shaft. After finding my way back in to the shaft (look for the rocks on the ground), I proceeded through the door and found :=-momomuller / 3M-=: a men’s pose main shop . The info indicates that it is mostly for people that like to take photos.  While it says that it is a men’s pose shop, it looks like they have added some unisex poses as well. The creator, momomura Zehetbauer, has creatied poses for sports, for zombie pics, for fashion, for action, and for cute and serious scenes. I like the fact that most of the demo pose stands had less than 20 poses which means you can move through the options fairly quickly.  Also looks like he has posted pics of all of his poses which is great too!

3m poses the bug 4

Add this shop in your pose search.. and see if you can find something you can use!  And enjoy the really cool contraption just outside the mine shaft while there.


p.s. Texture on 3rd pic from Tim in Ohio on Flickr.

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