.. the looking glass ..

Looking Glass 020513

I headed over to The Looking Glass sim the other day to take a look and was pleasantly surprised to find that it was the creation of Marcus Inkpin and Sharni Azalee.  Perhaps I have been there before over time, as it does look familiar.  The builds could be used in a steam punk or gothic setting.  And then there are fantasy or surreal aspects to some of the areas too.

Looking Glass 3

Looking Glass 4

In the main building, there is a gallery where you might find the original RL art by Marcus as well as currently there are some RL wildlife drawings by Scottius Polke.  This main building is steam punk in nature, and has a ‘bridge to nowhere’ that crumbles into the sea.  There are other gothic inspired buildings as well as a grassy dance area that is enclosed within gothic arches.  There is a live entertainment venue that would be great for poetry readings, or other quiet seated events where everyone sits on flying carpets set around a small stage raised above a ridge on the sim.

Looking Glass 2

On the other side of the ridge, there is a city street build with cobble stone streets and a lighthouse at one end and with bar and cafe store fronts that might be great for pics, but there is no rezzing.

Looking Glass 1

Up in the sky, you will find their shops where you can buy just about everything you might see on the ground level.  All in all, The Looking Glass is a fascinating place to explore and/or hang out or take a few pics.

Enjoy the creations of SL and support the designers and creators.


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