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Torell Nederland 1

Are you a fan of the classic artists, such as Vincent Van Gogh?  Would you like to create pictures inspired by Van Gogh?  Do you enjoy new art installations and various mediums of art in one place?  Well, if your answer is yes, you will be happy to find that the Torell Nederland exists in Second Life.  This sim owned by Ellenilli Lavendel and Janfolkert Alter  is fully devoted to arts and culture with a Van Gogh village and several galleries in the sky.

Torell Nederland 3

The Van Gogh Village and surroundings includes quite a few 3D replications of Van Gogh paintings created by Mudpuddle Cleanslate.  It is interesting to wander around and find yourself in the scene of a painting.  This sim would provide great backdrops if you want to try recreating one of Vincent’s paintings.  From “Cafe Terrace at Night” to “Langlois Bridge at Arles” to “Gateway to the Farm”, you will find many scenes from the work of this classic artist, you can feel that you are part of the painting.

Torell Nederland 4

Back at the entry and teleporter area, you will want to visit the Bauhaus style galleries showcasing poetry, sculptures, paintings, and photography.  Also on this level, DB Bailey will be opening a gallery on March 1st so be sure to visit then too.

Torell Nederland 5

Another interesting installation is “The Tower” by Rebeca Bashly.  This build contains different levels accessed via teleporters in the shape of flowers.  As you move through each level, you will be greeted by sculptured human female figures in various states.    The sculptures, each with fantastic lighting and beautifully created by Ms. Bashly, will capture your imagination as you try to determine the story being portrayed.  Your imagination can take you anywhere, so let it and let it become your story.

Torell Nederland 9 The tower

Torell Nederland 8 The tower

Torell Nederland 7 The tower

Torell Nederland 6 The tower

Second Life really is a great venue for digital artists of many types.  Whether it is to honor those real life classic artists such as Van Gogh or to celebrate the current life artists of both this virtual world and the real one as well, the locations are generally always an interesting find.  Visit Torell Nederland today and find these wonderful exhibits.


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