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XZone 3 022513

So I was sitting here perusing the Second Life Destination Guide looking at the editor’s picks and I happened on an interesting looking place called “X-Zone“.  The description that the creator has posted indicates that this is an immersive island that was influenced by Final Fantasy X and the creator’s own imagination.  You will find steampunk type builds, romantic areas, and a fantasical assortment of creations.  Lady Bird (Rikku Yalin) has done a wonderful job bringing these things together providing Second Life residents the opportunity to explore the sim … and even stay a while for a dance or on a beach or around a fire.  The sim is fascinating and truly beckons to be explored.

XZone 1 022513

Xzone 2 022513

XZone 4  022512

Visit X-Zone today… and experience the imagination of another one of SL’s sim creators.



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