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“Personally, I do not know whether humankind is alone in this vast universe. But I do know that we should cherish our existence on this precious speck of matter… the greatest gift that could be bestowed upon us. For all practical purposes, there is only one planet Earth”.     ~ Ban Ki-moon

LUNA blog 012118

Syn Beresford Zane has created another amazing scene in Second Life. When Syn closed ‘The Salted Ruins’, she revealed that another creation was on its way and scheduled for the end of the year. The members of Elysion patiently waited until the day the notice came.. – L U N A – The Story of Humankind is open!

Entering through the portal, you teleport down to a terrain vehicle. Looking around you see figures in spacesuits, communication towers, living quarters – the semblance of a settlement in a far-off land… a planet called – L U N A -.  The settlers were a select group of botanists, astronauts, and scientific experts sent to explore the planet as Earth was no longer a viable home. Team descended on – L U N A – in the year 2024 and attempted to thrive. This journey was hopeful – a chance to save the human race. As you explore the settlement, you soon realize… all the figures you see are no longer alive – skeletons frozen in time; useful items sitting empty without purpose; the air heavy with particles; a strange buzz in the air. You wonder… what happened here? The settlers had not communicated with their home base in many weeks, possibly months … and with all dead, will the reasons ever be discovered? Perhaps there is a sign, a journal… or maybe, a diary. Shall we continue to look?

LUNA blog 012118 b

Visit – L U N A – in Second Life … if you are a member of the |Elysion| group. To join the group, visit >> HERE



In the video, I am wearing the Astrosuit from Rune Magic.

Music is from Kevin Kendle – “Ancient Light”

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