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“A garden requires patient labor and attention. Plants do not grow merely to satisfy ambitions or to fulfill good intentions. They thrive because someone expended effort on them.”  ~~  Liberty Hyde Bailey

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Last week I received notification that I was selected to represent The Little Branch as a blogger in Second Life. This was a very welcome notice and one that made me smile. I have admired Cari McKennan’s work and have watched the brand grow over the past several years. I love that he continues to grow and improve and offer new options such as animation, seasons, etc. I am therefore very excited to work with The Little Branch and share new and existing items.

Since I am newly joining the blog team, I took a trip over to Aspen Springs to tour the main store location. I have been over a few times since it opened in December but hadn’t captured any pics there yet so I decided to capture both some snaps as well as a video so that you can see just how lovely the whole region is:

When you land on the region, you find yourself in a warehouse area with big greenhouse style warehouses. You can find trees and flowers and such inside with each version shown in multiple sizes and seasons. Near the entrance, you will also find an area where you can find out which events The Little Branch is taking part in and what is being offered at those event locations – events such as Cosmopolitan, Sense, Limit8, The Liaison Collaborative, TMD, Shiny Shabby and more.

blog 012818 Little branch

After you leave the sales area, you can explore the sim where you will see so many different trees and flowers growing by the water and with buildings and all. The sim was designed and landscaped by Minnie Atlass and wow, did she do a great job! The trail is hilly and has such visual interest as you move from one part to another. Minnie incorporated so many of the grasses, flowers and trees into the scenes that it just feels so alive. There are a couple of beach areas, some rocky areas, and even a stream. There are quite a few places to park yourself and just enjoy the scenery or hang with a friend. If you enjoy snapping landscape pictures, then you definitely will enjoy a visit!

blog 012818 Little branch

And if you are creating your own regions, blogging scenes, parcels, stores, etc…you will not go wrong with selecting any products from The Little Branch.

Thank you The Little Branch for the opportunity to blog and share!

Pics and video captured at The Little Branch main store and sim on Aspen Springs

Little Branch LOGO

More ways to interact with The Little Branch:
Flickr Group
In-World Group

Music in the video:
Thom Byles – The Great Outdoors
Tay Oskee – That Place

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