Exploring – U.S. Department of Energy Island

So, I was searching in Second Life today for Alaska…and found a sim that has an Alaskan Crab Fishing game, but it wasn’t working…so I decided to look around the connecting sims.  I happened upon the U.S. Department of Energy Island sim.  This island is chock full of information about the Department – their mission, innovative efforts and job opportunities.  There are office hours a couple of times a week and links to visit various US Government websites.  One of the cool things that I did while there was ride the D.O.E.’s model of a Linear Accelerator both in a cart and as a proton particle.  The cart tour provides some interesting info on the system but the proton particle trip was, well, trippy!

When you have some time to kill in Second Life, head over to the U.S. Department of Energy Island and have some educational fun…and the nearby sims have some interesting educational and information sources too… explore the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administrations sims with tours of a hurricane, weather stations, global travels, etc.

’til another day…


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