Cap Estel Goes Safari

Our friend, Maurice Messmer, has turned his sim into the plains of the Serengeti recently.  Maurice has created a very real interpretation of Africa and invites all to visit.  Upon landing on Cap Estel, you have the option taking a Giraffe tour…yes, you ride the giraffe all around the sim or hopping on a horse, or even a bicycle.  Of course, you can also walk around the path as well.

As you explore the plains, you will find areas of respite, where you can enjoy a picnic, just rest or visit with a friend.  Then, after you visit the animals and cross the swinging bridge over the waterfalls, look for the zip line at the top of a gorge type area.  Don’t be afraid…just hop on and descend into the gorge!  As you lower, you will notice that the flora becomes lush and more green and that you are in a cool oasis type area.  Say hello to the hippos and look for the coffee shop…here you can have a coffee and rest for a bit more while watching the steam rise off the water and the monkeys playing in the trees.

Maurice always takes such care in creating areas, ensuring that you have a realistic experience, and Cap Estel Goes Safari is no exception!

Be sure to visit Cap Estel soon… Maurice just might have another scenic journey up his sleeve!

Have fun!!


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